Dennis Wolf is a bodybuilder who started his athletic career in 1999 and has been performing at a professional level since 2005. Among his sporting achievements are victories in such prestigious competitions as “Arnold Classic”, “Arnold Classic Europe”, “Keystone Pro”, “Prague Pro” and many others. Wolf is considered one of the most successful modern bodybuilders, along with Shawn Rhoden, Kai Greene and Phil Heath.

Dennis Wolf Biography

Dennis Wolf is a native of the Soviet Union. The future eminent bodybuilder was born on October 30, 1978 in the city of Tokmok (now Kyrgyzstan). His father is Russian by nationality (born in Kazakhstan), and his mother is German. Before marriage, my mother worked as a housekeeper, and my father was a worker in Kazakhstan.

Dennis Wolf’s life in his youth is not well-off. In order to improve financial well-being and ensure a happy virginity for their son, the family was forced to constantly move, looking for more profitable places to earn money. So, when Dennis was 9 years old, he and his parents moved to Semipalatinsk for a couple of years, and then to Kemerovo Oblast for three years.

Over time, the Volkov couple became more and more and, accordingly, their monetary needs increased (the bodybuilder has two younger brothers).

In the nineties, the Soviet Union began to disintegrate (the Lithuanian SSR was the first to leave), so Dennis’s mother decided to return to her historical homeland (Germany), of course, together with her husband and children. Subsequently, in an interview, the athlete said that for a long time the parents could not decide on such a crucial step.

The Volkov family got the opportunity to move permanently to Germany in 1992 (it was after the move that the surname was changed to Wolf).

Denis Volkov became interested in heavy sports as a teenager. At home, he always had a couple of dumbbells close at hand, and he exercised with them regularly. In addition, at the age of 16, the guy signed up for a gym in Mergel (Germany): thanks to impressive genetics, he progressed rapidly; the muscles increased as if by leaps and bounds.

About becoming a competitive bodybuilder, Dennis Wolf began thinking closer to adulthood. To succeed in bodybuilding, he one after another “devoured” books on the specifics of heavy sports, nutrition and exercise. Wolf did not miss a single seminar or conference of German athletes, listening to every word of his more experienced colleagues.

Dennis Wolf’s career in bodybuilding started in 1999 from 4th place in a local amateur tournament: he got to his first competition at the age of 21, so he had to compete with already adult athletes, and not with juniors; Wolf was able to demonstrate such an impressive result only thanks to enviable motivation and regular intensive training.

Dennis later admits that for him this 4th place was a victory, because he surpassed the goal set before the competition – to break into the top 5.

Denis Volkov set himself the task of becoming a professional bodybuilder in the 2003-2004 season, after winning the German Championship. It was performed by him just 2 years later: Denis received the status of a professional IFBB in 2005, having won the “Amateur World Championship” under the patronage of the NPC.

These days, Dennis Wolf continues to compete (although rumors of his departure from the pro-scene have been circulating for at least the last 2-3 seasons). According to his own words, in the future Dennis plans to open a business related to sports, namely bodybuilding, however, at present, all his attention is focused on training. On trips to competitions, the athlete is often accompanied by his wife – Kate. It is not without reason that she calls her husband the ideal man. The couple has been married for over 10 years. They have an adult daughter, Samanta. A photo of the happy couple Wolf can be seen on the Instagram profile of Dennis.

dennis wolf biography

Bodybuilding Titles

While still performing at the amateur level, Dennis Wolf showed impressive results, if not winning, then occupying high positions in every competition:

  • 1st – NRW-Landesmeisterschaft 2000 (heavyweight and overall winner);
  • 1st – Belgium Grand Prix 2002;
  • 1st – NRW-Landesmeisterschaft 2004 (heavyweight and overall winner);
  • 1st – NRW-Landesmeisterschaft 2005 (heavyweight and overall winner);
  • 1st – 46 Deutsche Meisterschaft 2005 (heavyweight and overall winner);
  • 1st – WM-Qualification 2005;
  • 1st – Amateur World Championship 2005.

However, Dennis Wolf received the maximum recognition as a pro. Since 2005 he has won numerous prestigious titles including:

  • 1st EVLS Prague Pro 2014;
  • 1st Arnold Classic Europe 2014;
  • 1st Arnold Classic 2014;
  • 1st EVLS Prague Pro 2012;
  • 1st Australian Pro 2011;
  • 1st Keystone Pro Classic 2007.

As for the performances at “Mr Olympia”, even though Dennis Wolf has never won the main bodybuilding title, he is consistently among the best of the best bodybuilders in the world (in 2013 he was in the top three winners):

  • Mr. Olympia 2006 โ€“ 16st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2007 โ€“ 5st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2008 โ€“ 4st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2009 โ€“ 16st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2010 โ€“ 5st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2011 โ€“ 5st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2012 โ€“ 6st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2013 โ€“ 3st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2014 โ€“ 4st;
  • Mr. Olympia 2015 โ€“ 4st.

Since 2012 Dennis Wolf has been living and training in the USA. He chose the city of Las Vegas as his home, where several major bodybuilding conventions and competitions are held annually.

An interesting fact: despite the fact that Dennis left the post-Soviet space in the early nineties, he still speaks fluent Russian. In addition, the athlete is fluent in German, and at least knows English well.

dennis wolf workout

Dennis Wolf Workout

In order not to lose tone and keep in shape, Dennis Wolf planned his own daily routine as follows:

  • 8:00 – rise + light cardio;
  • 8:30 – breakfast time (for example, a mug of oatmeal, 10 egg whites, 1 protein shake and a vitamin complex for men);
  • 11:00 – taking a fat burner;
  • 13:30 – lunch time (for example, a mug of brown rice, chicken fillet and a vitamin complex for men);
  • 16:00 – taking a fat burner;
  • 19:00 – taking a carbohydrate drink;
  • 19:30 – dinner time (for example, baked potatoes, fried flounder and vitamin complex for men);
  • 22:00 – take 2 servings of a protein shake;
  • During the day – 1-1,5 hours of training (either before lunch or before dinner).

Dennis Wolf workout is not revolutionary for bodybuilding. The athlete is quite conservative, therefore, adheres to the already established norms regarding rest, training and nutrition. His classes in the gym are carried out according to the scheme of a 5-day split, when every muscle in the body is pumped at least once for the first 5 days, and 6-7 days are allocated for recovery.

Dennis Wolf training split: 1st day – training with priority on chest, triceps and calves; 2nd day – with a priority on the biceps, hamstrings, calves; Day 3 – Quadriceps Priority; 4th day – with priority on the back and calves; Day 5 – with a priority on the shoulders and calves.

If you single out your favorite Dennis Wolf exercises – first of all, these will be: curls and extensions of arms with dumbbells, bench press lying or standing, squats and lunges with a barbell, barbell row in an incline or on a bench, raises on toes in a simulator sitting or standing – respectively for arms, shoulders, back and legs.

Before doing full sets, Wolf usually does 1-2 warm-ups (with moderate weight to warm up the muscles being trained). The average number of sets per exercise is 1-2 warm-up sets + 3-4 or 7-8 full sets (depending on the load). The number of repetitions on average is 10-12 or 20-25 (depending on the load).

Dennis Wolf has a mixed body type – he is called a mesomorph with ectomorph features. Dennis is characterized by impressive, albeit not the maximum dimensions for a bodybuilder (115-120 kilograms of competitive weight with a height of 181-182 centimeters; in the offseason, the weight rises to 130-135 kilograms), while he is distinguished by wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs ( bicep circumference โ‰ˆ 56 centimeters, chest โ‰ˆ 142 centimeters, waist 74 โ‰ˆ centimeters, thigh โ‰ˆ 79 centimeters, lower leg โ‰ˆ 43 centimeters), which looks impressive when posing.

dennis wolf and steroids

Does Dennis Wolf Take Steroids?

Like most still performing bodybuilders, Dennis Wolf does not admit to using or is using steroids. The athlete is very categorical in his answers: “I have never taken illegal drugs, and I do not advise anyone.”

Plus, Dennis Wolf argues that doping in bodybuilding is not as common as people say. According to him, in the same Olympic disciplines, problems with doping are not less common than in the “iron sport”. Sprinters, swimmers, skiers and other “regular” athletes – many of them violate the WADA rules. It’s just that today the opinion has been formed that bodybuilding is the “abode” of sports pharmacology. It’s a delusion!

Interestingly, Wolf cites sponsors as the main reason for its rejection of illicit drugs: “They pay us huge sums every month just to make us look impressive on stage. Imagine what would happen if sponsors found out that their bodybuilder is addicted to steroids. money. So we don’t.”

Dennis is not very popular with the audience because of such statements. Viewers and bodybuilding fans accuse the athlete of lying, bombarding his interviews with dislikes and leaving sarcastic comments, which can be seen in the video presented.

If Dennis Wolf does steroid cycles, which ones? To answer this question, you will have to turn to theories, since, in fact, there is no specific information. It is assumed that the bodybuilder prefers the rest of the active ingredients such as Testosterone (Sustanon), Stanozolol (Winstrol) and Methandienone (Dianabol), as well as HGH (Somatropin). Except for HGH, which gained popularity in bodybuilding in the nineties and zero years, all these are products that have long been known to athletes.