The Cooper Fitch cyber security, IT audit and software functions recruitment specialist Ryan McDougall is going to discuss current trends and innovations in the cyber security space with regards to both hackers and viruses and frameworks and practices.


I’ve been recruiting in the IT space for the last 8 years with a big focus on cyber security since day one, both cyber security and software engineering have been long time passions of mine since I first learnt how to write injection scripts to hack flash games. I’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of all things related to cyber security and speak to many cyber security professionals each year. This has given me some unique insights into the industry when it comes to sector specific and hiring trends.


Cyber security has historically been one of the most underappreciated sectors in the IT industry (only making a brief appearance in mainstream media when a Hollywood movie shows a hacker furiously typing away on a keyboard with a flabbergasted cybersec team standing idly by). This has however changed in recent years due to the exponential increase of cyber security attacks in both the public and private sectors. Cyber warfare has also raised its head and become a formal part of the military for many countries.


I’d like to give my input in regards to trends and innovations on both the “Sword” (hackers, viruses, vulnerabilities, etc.), the “Shield” (antivirus, the professionals, frameworks, practices, etc.) as well as the hiring and innovation trends I’ve experienced in this sector. In this blog I’ll be focusing on the Sword and in my next blog post I’ll focus on the shield.

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