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As cyberattacks continue to grow in intensity and frequency, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to the forefront as being one of the most important solutions. AI is able to analyse large amounts of data, specifically risk data in this case and subsequently provide threat intelligence that is used by cyber security professionals to shorten the response time for threats.


According to a market report conducted in 2019 artificial intelligence in the cyber security market is projected to grow from USD 8.8 billion in 2019 to USD 38.2 billion by 2026. With AI becoming more prolific across many sectors, this technology has brought enormous changes in cybersecurity. AI is critical in building automated security systems, facial recognition (a huge element of biometric security) and automatic threat detection. This makes it a critical tool for the future of cyber security despite its use in attacks to bypass the latest security protocols and the spread of smart malware. AI based threat detection systems can predict new attacks instantly which enables security teams to respond to data breaches in real time.


Another trend that I’ve been running into more over the last few years is Extended Detection and Response (or XDR as it’s known). With the escalating amount of data breaches within organisations, the security teams are hard pressed to gain visibility of complete organisation and client data across the large amounts of endpoints (devices that can access the network) that now exist in the digital landscape (emails, networks, servers, cloud, applications, etc.) XDR is becoming more widely used due to the benefits of being able to automatically collect data from multiple endpoints and cross reference them for better incident response time and faster threat detection.

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Ryan McDougall

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Ryan is a Principal Consultant on the Consulting and Technology team at Cooper Fitch leading the Cyber, IT Audit and Software functions. His recruitment career started in 2013 where his focus was on the Oil and Gas industry before moving into the Technology sector and becoming a subject matter expert in Cyber and IT Audit. Ryan has worked extensively across the MENA region with both SME and multinational corporations across many sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Consulting, Governmental, Telecommunications and Tech Business.

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