Findings in the latest report;


Slav Shakhov, Managing Partner – Financial Services, Real Estate & HR at Cooper Fitch, joined the CNBC Arabia show to discuss the recent Gulf Employment Index released by Cooper Fitch.


The report outlines job creation in Q4 2023 and how it compares to Q3 2023. He also discussedthe outlook for the year ahead and what we expect to see from a hiring and jobs perspective in 2024.


Report highlights: 6% increase in the number of new jobs in the GCC in quarter four 2023 when compared with quarter four 2022. Saudi saw the highest increase in job opportunities in quarter four at 6% followed closely by Kuwait and Bahrain.


13% increase across the Gulf in digital, data and AI jobs in this quarter which is the highest increase in new opportunities for quarter four 2023.


The number of CEO opportunities across the Gulf has risen by 7% in quarter four particularly in Saudi Arabia.