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Gulf Employment Index

Overall we have witnessed a dip in the jobs market in quarter two with the number of new positions showing slightly lower than quarter one. There has been a direct impact from the earlier Ramadan as well as two Eid breaks and the start of the summer months. Despite these events, Saudi Arabia still saw an increase in the number of new opportunities of 6% when compared with quarter one. This number is 3% higher than the number we reported in the same period of 2022 which was when the UAE saw a 10% increase and Bahrain had an impressive 9% hike.

The aviation sector saw a significant drop in employees due to the pandemic however, since 2022 it has had a noteworthy recovery as an industry leading up to the recent announcement of a need for over 100,000 new employees in the next ten years including, cabin crew, pilots and technicians. The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources in Saudi issued 59 industrial licenses in May 2023 with a capital of $142 million which will result in more than 6,000 new jobs in the industrial sector.

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